Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Quest for the Perfect Cupcake

Hi Everyone! I hope this weekend finds you happy, healthy and enjoying the lovely springtime weather with your family. Although the weather out here can't figure out what exactly it wants to do, spring is definitely in the air, and I'll take advantage of any moment of sunny weather outside!

Today is a big day for my little blog. I have decided to start a blog series. Once a month (at the very least) I am going to make a brand new cupcake recipe, on my Quest to Find the Perfect Cupcake.

I have made a lot of cupcakes in my day. A lot of yummy cupcakes, some super easy cupcakes, some more complicated, and a couple of epic fails (a diabetic cake... it was horrendous). But I can't say that I have found the PERFECT cupcake.

Each month I will try a brand new (to me) recipe and post the recipe and my progress here on the blog. I hope that it inspires you to try some new recipes,or get some ideas on ways to revamp a current recipe that you have in your recipe binder (note to self - add "organize recipe binder" to current to-do list!!).

If you have a suggestion for a recipe, please send it to me! I'm willing to try almost everything ~ sweet, savory, caramelly, peanut buttery, you name it, I'll try it!

The first recipe in the series is for a Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Salted Caramel Buttercream Frosting. The cupcakes are in the oven as we speak, so I can't review them yet... but I can tell you that the batter tastes freaking AMAZING!!

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