Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast

Last week we had the most A-MAZ-ING dinner.

My parents had been on vacation in Ireland for a couple of weeks, and when they got home, I wanted to bring the family together for a nice dinner. My brother and sister-in-law couldn’t make it, but the rest of us got together to hear the details of the trip, reminisce about the family members they got to see, oh, and had a fantastic meal.

There are a few items that I try to stock up on when I grocery shop down in the states. One of those are boneless turkey breasts. I got these ones at Walmart for around $10 each.
I knew that I wanted to do something a little different, and since one of my favourite additions to a meal is bacon, I went with a bacon wrapped turkey breast for the main course.

I started with two turkey breasts and one package of bacon.
I laid the bacon out on a cookie sheet lined with crumpled tin foil and baked the entire package of bacon for about 30 minutes. The bacon was about 1/3 of the way cooked when I took it out of the oven.

I created a basket weave pattern over the top and sides of the turkey breast with the partially cooked bacon.
Then baked it in the oven for 2 glorious hours.

After taking the glorious baked concoction out of the oven, I let it rest on the cutting board for a few minutes to allow the juices to all flow together.

Then I used my trusty electric knife (still holding strong after 10 years, and I use this sucker for everything!) and sliced it into thin-ish slices.

Check it out... it was awesome...
And from another angle... Glorious.

You have to try this recipe... and then thank me!! Enjoy!


  1. this looks absolutely amazing!! What temperature did you cook the bacon and then the turkey? I'm not a great cook, so I need all the details and help you can give! :) Did you put it in a roaster pan? or a regular baking dish?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for reading!! I cook the turkey breast at 375F in a roasting/lasanga pan, lined with foil. I used a meat thermometer to ensure that the turkey was cooked all the way through.
      I hope you enjoy the recipe and good luck!!



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