Friday, 6 April 2012

Getting Ready for the Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!
I have said it before: we live on the happiest street on Earth. It's great - we sit out all summer long "stooping" with the neighbours. We sit on our lawn chairs, watch the kids ride their bikes and cover the roadway in our complex with an insane amount of sidewalk chalk.
We have board game nights, sitting outside while the baby monitors on the front steps listen in case any of the kids makes a peep. We have block parties, we hula hoop.

And at this time of the year? We have an Easter egg hunt of course!

On Sunday morning all of the little kids go outside and see what the mommy bunnies have set out for them. They have a blast, running around in pyjamas and parkas (weather dependant)with their little baskets collecting as many plastic eggs filled with goodies as they can get their grubby little hands on.

Today, we filled up the little plastic eggs with gummies, foil covered chocolate eggs and candy bracelets.

I also wanted to make some more little carrots. I originally made fishy cracker carrots for Eila Bean's birthday party. I wanted to make some more for the kids on the street, except I thought I'd fill them with cheetos this time!

There you go, a couple of easy and super cute Easter egg hunt ideas... now to wait for the Easter bunny....

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