Saturday, 7 April 2012

Saying Goodbye to the Frame People

The Frame People.
You know... the smiling, happy, beautiful people whose photos come in the frames you bring home from the store.

Some of them even stick around for a while. My mom bought me a standing frame that looks like an open photo album for Christmas. I put the frame on display in my living room under the misguided impression that seeing it every day would inspire me to fill it with photos of smiling, happy, beautiful people who I actually KNOW.

And now it's APRIL. And the frame is still filled with the Frame People.

So tonight, on my quest to gather my scrapbooking supplies for a day of crafting tomorrow, I came across a pile of old photos. Like really old. Like before we had kids old.

I grabbed a big stack of photos and started digging. I've always been really good about putting my photos into photo albums (pre-scrapbooking). The huge stack of photos appear to be extra photos. I fished through them and found a few golden gems.

I didn't find enough photos to fill the frame, but I also have two big bins of photos to sort and purge, so I'm sure I'll fill the frame yet.

I love that the frame sits up like a storybook. I think it's going to be hilarious for Aidyn and Eila to flip through the photos and see what Mommy and Daddy USED to look like...

In honor of Easter this weekend, I thought that I would open the frame up to pictures of a beautiful Mexican cemetary that we visited oh so long ago. So, do you have Frame People you need to get out of your life?

Hope you all have a blessed Easter weekend with your families.
Much love,

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