Wednesday, 27 February 2013

LalaLoopsy Birthday Party!

Can you believe it? My little baby bean turned four this week! When asked what theme she would like for her party, she picked her favourite toy of the minute – Lalaloopsy dolls! Over the past year my girls have amassed a fairly large collection of these adorable dollies.
For those of you outside the little girl loop, these super cute dolls is created with a fictional theme, reflecting the day she is born, the fabric she is sewn from, and her pet. 
Google was my friend when designing Miss E's birthday party invitations.  I found a Lalaloopsy image and put the party details into a text box.  I printed out the invite, used double sided tape to attach the invite to cardstock and then glued on some buttons to liven them up a little.
After scouring Pinterest for some ideas, I got straight to work! I used dessert plates, black cardstock and a circle punch and created buttons. I tied them together into a row and used them as the backdrop for the party. 
I created Happy Birthday Eila labels for the water bottles and juice containers, to add a little cute factor to the food and drink table.  We went simple with the food, just fruits, veggies and the kids favorites - cheetos and popcorn twists!
The first day we started planning the party, Miss E picked out her cake. It was super easy to put together. We made this chocolate cake and made marshmallow fondant. I ordered a button candy mold to make the decorative buttons on the sides, and popped a few Mini Lalaloopsies on top of the cake.

I used a button lollipop mold to make these yummy bites for the kids to take home after the party.

A quick and easy Happy Birthday bunting came together with Valentine hearts and printed letters, and printed out pictures of the Lalaloopsy dolls taped to some craft twine became our party decorations.

Check out this cutie playing a fun game of pin the crown on Jewel Sparkles.
 Since the Lalaloopsy dolls slogan is “Sew Magical” I created a gift tag to put on the outside of the goody bags thanking Miss E’s friends “SEW” much for coming to her party. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the goody bags.  They were pretty easy to put together.  Candy, candy and more candy filled the bags!!

The kids played games, and did crafts, and had a LOT of sugar and a great time! It looks like this sweet little girl had a really great party!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by to read today. 

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Eila Grace is Turning Four!!

Oh my, how time flies! Teeny tiny baby Eila is turning four years old today! I remember four years ago, staring out my hospital window as snow lightly fell outside wondering what this little bean was going to be like.

What an amazing little girl she has turned into. She started life with a set of pipes on her like no other baby I had ever known. This girl could SCREAM! We joked that she could break glass with those lungs. One night, when she was two months old, a neighbor came over to see if I needed help with one or both kids. He could hear Eila crying through the closed window from across the street! Little did he know that Aidyn was already asleep and the crying he could hear was just Eila… being Eila.

With her big sister Aidyn helping her along the way and showing her the ropes, our little bean quickly tried to learn everything her big sister could teach her! Although a tiny little girl, who never could seem to get out of the 5th percentile for her weight, what she lacked in pounds, she made up for in words. Oh the words that little girl could come up with!

If we were impressed by her speaking, we were shocked by her singing! Before she turned two, she was singing along with Justin Beiber on the radio. These days she can memorize entire songs and sing them all on her own. I love listening to her sing songs while she colors…. It`s so stinkin` cute. 
Look who turned one!!
Eila turns two!!
Eila turns three!

My girls play so well together. You can hear them singing, dancing and playing mommy and baby together all day long. Eila love to play little mama whenever she gets the chance. She likes to take care of her cousin Belles and show her how to play games and read books. 

Eila is definitely Daddy’s little girl.  This photo is from when she was just a couple of weeks old.  Things haven’t changed much.  You are just as likely to see Eila chilling on the couch watching tv with daddy as you are tucking her dolls into imaginary beds with imaginary teddy bears.

These days, my little bean spends her days being my sidekick. She comes shopping with me, she bakes with me, she cleans the house with me and she gives the best cuddles and hugs in town.
I am so blessed to be able to spend extra time with my little girls as they grow. They make me so proud. They make me laugh and they melt my heart every single day.

p.s.  lots of the awesome photos used in this post were taken by the fantastic Alana Joy Photography.  Check her out, she's amazing!!

Monday, 25 February 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Feb 25, 2013

I SURVIVED!! I survived Miss E’s Lalaloopsy birthday party extravagnza!! I am exhausted and think I am still feeling the after effects of all the sugar, but I lived through nine rounds a freeze dance and a whole lotta cupcakes and cake. Miss E had a blast, and so did all her little friends. I’ll share some pictures later this week when I show how the big party came together.
Our little family headed up to our local mountain on the weekend and did some old fashioned tobogganing. We went up with a few other families and had a blast! My fearless girls had no problem throwing themselves down the hill on crazy carpets, sleds, or just rolling down the hill!

I got so little sleep this weekend that I can barely figure out what I’m having for breakfast today! Forget planning a week’s worth of dinners! Oh well, let’s get to this!

On the menu this week:
Monday: Chicken fajitas
Tuesday: Out for dinner for Eila’s birthday!
Wednesday: Curried coconut chicken with rice
Thursday: Spaghetti in Meat Sauce
Friday: Fish tacos
Saturday: Tortellini with prawns in Boursin cream sauce
Sunday: Bacon wrapped turkey breast with potatoes and veggies

I’ll be linking my menu plan up to OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday – check it out!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Simple Living Lesson #9 – Money

Hello again, and thanks for checking in for my meandering journey through Lorilee Lippincott’s Simple Living: 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life. I have taken on eight tasks so far to propel my life to run at a simpler pace. I would love it if you took a read through lessons called Dream, Underneath, Quiet, Surface, Incoming, Outgoing, Time  and Libraries.

photo source
In case you hadn’t noticed, my little blog rarely touches on serious matters, and money is definitely a serious matter. I certainly don’t plan on telling all of you how to spend your money, nor do I plan to tell you how I spend mine! Although it’s fairly clear to most anyone that comes to my house that a large portion of my disposable income goes to cupcake supplies and chocolate chips!

If you are interested in the actual simple living lesson, please check out Simple Living: Thirty Days to Less Stuff and More Life, there are great tools and ideas there. For now, here’s a funny ecard about money to brighten your day!

Next up on the list of simple living lessons is something much more my speed: ROUTINE. I’ll get started on that one right away!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Feb 18, 2013

Hello world! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! The girls were invited to a birthday party at Build A Bear! I think they had more fun than the birthday girl! We also had a big family dinner to celebrate my brother and my sister’s birthdays.

I made some delectable double chocolate cupcakes and we all crashed from the sugar high early!

We have a crazy crazy crazy week ahead of us this week! Our little bean is turning F-O-U-R! I can’t even believe it. Remember last year, when I started this little blog? The bean turned three what seems like yesterday, and the year has just flown by!

Miss E picked a LalaLoopsy theme for her party this year, so this week I’ll be making crafts with buttons, cookies in the shape of buttons and a cake with LalaLoopsy dolls! I’ll post the goodies next week; it will be so much fun!

On the menu this week:
Monday: Chicken Macaroni Bake 
Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Breast, potatoes and veggies
Wednesday: Lasagne Wednesday
Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie from the Freezer
Friday: Pizza and Salad
Saturday: Dinner out
Sunday: Family BBQ dinner for Miss E’s birthday!

Thanks for swinging by for a read today!  I'm so happy you stopped by :)
I’ll be linking my menu plan up to OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday – check it out!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Banana Oat Bread & Muffins

Hey everyone! Guess what!! I was featured!! I linked last week`s Baked Salmon Parmesan recipe up to Joyful Homemaking`s Thursday Think Tank party and they liked it! Woo Hoo!!

So, you know that moment at the end of the week, when you take the bananas that are starting to over ripen and chuck them into the freezer planning on throwing together a quick batch of banana bread? Yeah, well, I had about 6 of those moments, except that I never got around to baking that quick batch of banana bread. So last night, after moving around yet another bunch of frozen bananas, it was time to take action.

I have a great banana bread recipe in my arsenal, but I wanted to try something new this time. Now that we have found another food that Miss A will actually eat in her lunch (she’s anti-sandwich, and pretty much everything else…). I needed to find a way to make it a bit healthier and wanted to find a recipe using oats so I headed to I found this recipe for banana oat muffins and after a few small ingredient modifications, had a delicious recipe that made great use of some of the EIGHTEEN bananas in my freezer.

The streusel topping for the recipe is an optional add-on – it’s super delicious, but the muffins were fantastic without it. I used a mini-loaf pan and a giant muffin pan for my first go-round with this recipe. The second time around I doubled the recipe and it made three full sized banana bread loaves.
Banana Oat Muffins (or Banana Oat Bread)
Recipe adapted from here

1 cup oats, ground in food processor
1 cup flour
2 tbsp oats
½ cup chopped walnuts/pecans or chocolate chips
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
½ cup applesauce
½ cup white sugar
½ cup brown sugar
2 eggs
1 ½ cup mashed bananas (about 3 medium)
1 tsp vanilla
½ cup greek yogurt or sour cream
Streusel topping
1/3 cup oats
4 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp melted butter


Using a processor (I just have a mini chopper thingy), grind oats until powdery.

In a bowl, combine ground oats, flour, oats, nuts/chocolate chips, baking soda and baking powder; set aside. With the mixer on low, combine applesauce, white and brown sugar, eggs, mashed banana and vanilla. When well incorporated, add the greek yogurt and mix well.

Mix the dry ingredients into the wet and blend completely. Scoop into a greased muffin pan, mini or regular loaf pan. Mix together the streusel ingredients in a small bowl. Sprinkle across the top of the batter and bake. 

For muffins and mini loaves, bake for 20 minutes, until golden brown and a toothpick inserted comes clean. 

For full sized loaves, bake for 45-50 minutes.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!! Miss A took two of the mini loaves for her lunch today and asked for more when she got home from school. I think we have a hit on our hands!!

I’ll hopefully link this recipe up to a couple of fun link parties, including Joyful Homemaking, Delightful Order, and A Bowl Full of Lemons.


Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Feb 4, 2013

Here's the recipe!
Good morning everyone, and happy Monday! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We had a lot of fun, although it sounds like our house is coming down with this horrible cold that is making the rounds.

I had all these plans to clean my house and organize it over the weekend, but we ended up running around having a ton of fun instead! Birthday parties, dinner with my cousin and her lovely family, and of course, Superbowl Sunday!

This week was supposed to be the week of trying new recipes, but since I think I’m coming down with whatever sickness is making the rounds at my workplace, I think I’ll be leaning more toward comfort foods and meals already prepped in my freezer!

On the menu this week:

Monday: Chicken curry with Rice (Thanks Mom for this one!!)
Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie from the Freezer
Wednesday: Lasagne Wednesday
Thursday: Parmesan Baked Fish with potatoes and veggies
Friday: Brinner! Pancakes for the kids, bacon, eggs and hashbrowns for us
Saturday: Dinner out
Sunday: Pasta with Prawns in Boursin cream sauce

I’ll be linking my menu plan up to OrgJunkie’s Menu Plan Monday – check it out!!


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