Monday, 23 April 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Miss A is the Ginger-haired princess in the middle :)
Can you believe it’s the end of April already? I certainly can’t. This past weekend just flew by, with Miss A performing in her very first Irish Dancing performance. It was the cutest thing ever! She loved it, and it made me so happy to see the big grin on her little red-headed face.

This week seems a bit more relaxed than last week, but this weekend is another fun-filled party weekend. I’m going to try to get back on the fruit-for-the-kids-and-salad-for-Mama-at-dinner-time kick. It worked well a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight when I get home I’m going to make a big batch of my favourite Caesar Salad dressing from Epicure. The regular recipe calls for 2 tbsp mayonnaise and ¼ cup of olive oil, but I’ll lighten it up by using ¼ cup of low fat Greek Yogurt instead.

On this week’s menu, in addition to yummy Caesar salad, we’ll be having:

Monday: Meatloaf, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Beans (Freezer meal, recipe to come this week!)
Tuesday: Chicken Macaroni Bake Freezer Meal
Wednesday: Lasagne Wednesday! Costco lasagne, served with sourdough breadsticks
Thursday: Chicken and Black Bean Quesadillas , Cheese quesadillas for the girls
Friday: Appies with the girls from work!
Saturday: Birthday Party and Housewarming Party!
Sunday: Pasta with Prawns in Boursin Sauce, Caesar Salad

Hope you all have a great week!!

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