Saturday, 31 March 2012

Weekend Project COMPLETE! (100 Item Purge)

This weekend we took on what I thought would be a tough challenge, to purge 100 items from our house. Clearly we have too much stuff, because it took all of 15 minutes to gather those items.

I wanted to involve the whole family, so I gathered up my girls and we started in their rooms. I asked them to help me find ten items of clothing that we could pass on to someone who may need it. At first Aidyn was apprehensive, and even got emotional when I suggested she donate a red bathrobe that she had never once used. When I explained that there are children in the world less fortunate than us, and that we should help out those in need, she reluctantly let it go.

Eila on the other hand, was a different case entirely. We headed into her room and I asked her to start in her closet and find a couple of dresses that we could donate. She got straight to work! Since we had been swimming earlier today with her little cousin, she also wanted to pass on some of her bathing suits to Bella (which is funny, because although Bella's not quite one yet, I'm pretty sure she wears the same size bathing suit as Eila!).

I had already planned out my items to purge - I knew that the waffle maker that we've used less than 10 times in almost ten years of marriage could go, along with some other small kitchen appliances. However, I rifled through what is left of my closet (I did a MAJOR purge a few months ago) and managed to find a few items to add to the purge pile.

Now the husband.... well, let's just say he's not as willing to part with items as I am these days. He tries to claim that he's not a hoarder, but any man with 35 ties, and no fewer than 40 white undershirts needs to do some letting go.

After bringing out the ridiculous string of neckties (he wears only two different ties to work)I had to B-E-G him to part with some ties. Even though there was a tie with GIRAFFES on it. When I asked him to justify it, he said "never know, might want to wear a tie to the zoo." Seriously????

Here is what our family purged from our home this weekend:

33 Childrens books (to be passed on to my neice Bella)
20 Baby blankets, burp pads, crib sheets and facecloths
2 of my bathing suits (only fair, since I bought two new ones this year)
6 Little Girl bathing suits (for Bella)
4 Hoodies/Robes
1 Dress
4 of my shirts
2 Jeans/jackets
1 Blue fleecy pillow that is a random weird size?
1 package of sports themed Chistmas decorations
3 Kitchen appliances
7 Misc kitchen items 9 YES NINE neckties!!!!
7 Pairs of kids shoes

TOTAL: 107 Items! In fifteen minutes!!
My purging assistant, Aidyn :)
Alright everyone - grab a box or bag and get to work! Gather up 100 items that are cluttering up your house and send them on their way out the door!

I think I might try this again next week too! I have a linen closet that could probably produce another 50 items all on its own!

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