Sunday, 11 March 2012

Planning Meals While on Vacation

St Patrick's Day Cake I made!!
The kids are on spring break this week and next, and the hubs and I are each taking a week off from work to stay home with the monkeys.  This week coming up is my week with the girls, so we've decided to pack up and get outta town!  We are going down to the States with my neighbour and her kids for a couple of days of swimming and relaxing (and I'm sure a little shopping thrown in there too!!).
The girls at the Ranch last summer

Since we are trying to keep costs down on the trip, we're going to bring some meals along with us, so we won't be tempted to eat out or pick up unhealthy meals on the road.  Thankfully all of the freezer cooking last week means that I have a whole bunch of meal to choose from!  I will also leave a list of meals and instructions out for the hubs so he won't starve while we are gone:)

For breakfast this week, I have promised the girls some extra special meals (since Mommy will be home with them all week!). French toast, chocolate chip pancakes and homemade oatmeal are on the breakfast menu this week!

On the dinner menu this week we will be having:

Monday: Meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and veggies
Tuesday: First day of our girls mini-vacation! Chicken Macaroni Bake for dinner for us and for the hubs (I made six dishes of the meal last week 
Wednesday: Dinner out at the Olive Garden! (still on vacation!)
Thursday: Chicken Cordon Bleu Calzones (by request of my brother-in-law who minds the girls while my sister and I go to our Cake Decorating classes)~ recipe to come!
Friday: Brinner! (Breakfast for Dinner!)
Saturday: St Patrick's Day!  Dinner out with all of our neighbours (we live on the happiest street on earth!)
Sunday: Roasted turkey, Mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables

Oh! And we can't forget the awesome cake I made at my cake class for our St Patrick's Day night out!!
I'll be linking up to Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday, you should check it out!!

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