Saturday, 24 March 2012

How to Cheat on Your Hemline!

Over Christmas, I scored a pair of jeans at Jacob for a whopping $2.50!! They fit great in the waist, but the hem was waaaaaay tooooo loooong for me. Like at least 8 inches longer than my legs. I don't know what kind of Amazon person these jeans were made for, but for $2.50 I was going to grab them up!

Well, now it's the end of March and I still hadn't hemmed the massively long jeans. But I was determined to wear them before the weather turns too nice for wearing jeans (I know, wishful thinking...). 

So this morning, I found a quick fix solution. I put on the jeans, headed downstairs to put on my tall black boots and figure out how much "hemming" needed to be done on the jeans.
Then I got out the handy dandy duct tape and got to work. 
I first folded up the jeans to a length that would work with the jeans I was wearing, then took a bunch of small pieces of tape and taped down the hem. 

Then I re-folded the jeans down and off to work I went!

I'm sure that eventually I'll send the jeans to the dry cleaners to actually be hemmed, but for now, the duct tape will do! Would you spend money to hem $2.50 jeans?

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