Saturday, 10 March 2012

Little Girl Room Organizing

It's been another crazy start to the weekend.  Aidyn had a blue themed birthday party for Charlotte, one of her besties. 

The hubs headed downtown for the Whitecaps game and a visit with his tiny little niece (who is sweeter than pie!).

After the birthday party, I started on the weekend organizing project~ Clearing out Aidyn's closet!!  It was crazy - there were dresses hanging off of everything, a toddler bed that we don't need any more and a bunch of baby gear that we don't have room for anymore.  So, off to my mom's house tomorrow with the baby stuff (she has a BIG attic/crawlspace).  Here's a photo of all of the furniture that's on it's way out!! 

I hadn't planned a complete room reorganization, but partway through the closet clear out, my neighbour came over to help/supervise/plan our girls getaway for next week (including our little girls!). 

Because a complete room makeover wasn't in the plan, there are no before photos.  I know, I should just walk into a room and take a before picture just in case.  I'll paint a visual picture. There were no less than 40 stuffies taking up residence on bookshelves and in baskets, Build A Bear clothes and toys propped around the room, and a ridiculous amount of books.

I had completed a book organization last week and moved the "younger" books into Eila's room and taken the "baby" books out to pass on to my nieces.  The "move out" books were still sitting in Aidyn's room on the floor in a big pile though.  Not conducive to a clean bedroom! 

Here's a look at the closet, now that Aidyn's dresses are all hung up (she put them on the hangers herself!).  We relocated the stuffies to the shelf in the closet, because although she loves her stuffies and refuses to part with them, I can't handle looking at them every day!

While I was sifting through dresses, hoodies and Build A Bear clothes and toys, Krista got a familiar twinkle in her eye.  One that usually requires a big mess and a lot of work.  She suggested moving around the furniture to get a better flow to the room.  It was something I had been thinking about, but hadn't planned on today!

So, we move the chest of drawers with the mirror from one wall to another.  Moved the tall dresser to the spot where the other chest of drawers was, and put he dollhouse shaped bookshelf on TOP of the dresser.  Putting the shelf on top of the dresser allowed me to spread out the keepsakes/breakable items from the other areas of her room, that were still out of reach of the kids. 

I think it turned out great (thanks Krista!!).  And the look on Aidyn's face when she came into her room and saw it all clean and pretty and updated was absolutely priceless. 
I think I was able to clear about 20 baby toys/gear items out of the house today, plus about 65 books!  Pretty good purge if you ask me!   I am linking up to Simple Mom's Project Simplify 2012

Did you do any organizing today??

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