Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentine’s Baking for the Class

With all of the super cute ideas floating around on Pinterest related to Valentine’s Day, I thought I would get my crafting self in gear and make a super cute Valentine gift for Aidyn and Eila’s classmates.

I started out at my favourite store – Dollarama!!  There I picked up mini cupcake papers, clear plastic drinking cups, Valentine themed treat bags, ribbon and small foam hearts. 

The girls and I baked four dozen mini vanilla cupcakes, and iced them with homemade butter cream icing. 

Then I popped each cupcake into a drinking glass, filled my piping bag with icing and my trusty Wilton 2D tip, and iced, iced, iced.  After all of the cupcakes were sufficiently covered with sugar and sweetness, it was time for more sugar! I sprinkled a healthy dose of Wilton’s red and pink sugar crystals on top of the cupcakes.

This is where the craft gets time consuming. And makes me wonder why I didn’t just buy little boxes of smarties and sign the girls’ names on them.  But alas, I had already started, so I might as well finish off!

I took three rolls of curling ribbon (red, pink and white) and cut and tied in ten inch sections.  I signed each foam heart “Love Aidyn” or “Love Eila,” punched a hole in the heart (with my scissors, at this point I was too tired to go look for my single hole punch), and fed the ribbon through. 

Then I enlisted the hubs to help package the 48 cupcake cups into the treat bags, tied them up with the cute ribbons and hearts and TA DA!  A super cute Valentine’s baking treat for the kids to bring to school on Tuesday. 

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