Monday, 20 February 2012

A Little Bit of Whimsy

This weekend we started getting all of the supplies and decorations together for Eila Bean’s 3rd birthday party this weekend!

I put my army of mini-party planners together to start on the goodie bags, filled with bubbles, candy, and a sweet little goldfish-filled treat bag shaped like a carrot (it is a bunny party!!)
Since we are having Eila’s shindig in our townhouse amenities room (which is lacking in fun, whimsical decor - shocking, right?) I got right to creating some fun tissue paper pom poms to use for decorations through the room. 

Using Martha Stewart’s Tutorial and a couple of packages of brightly colored tissue paper from my favourite store (Dollarama!), I poured myself a big cup of tea and got to work.  They look super complicated.  They are not.  From start to finish, each one takes about five minutes. (Pardon the poor lighting, I really need to start crafting in daylight hours so my photos look a little more lively!)

Start out by taking a stack of 8-10 sheets of tissue paper.  Fold them like a fan, with the folds about 1.5” in width. 

Trim the edges of the tissue paper so they are rounded or pointed, depending on the look of the flower you would like. I prefer the rounded edged pom poms, but that’s just me  J

Wrap an 18” length of floral wire around the fan, in the middle.  Start pulling the individual sheets slowly and carefully away from the stack, being careful not to let the tissue paper tear.

When you pull them all apart, your pompom should look like this:

So far I’ve made about 8 pom poms, in pinks and purples.  I think I’ll add a few yellow and teal for a nice, bright, cheerful space for the bunny party!

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