Thursday, 9 February 2012

I run.

For the past five weeks, I have tried to start a running program.  I downloaded an app to “Learn to Run 10km.”  It’s going better than I expected.  I started out walking for one minute, running for 1.5 minutes, three times a week.  Now I am up to walking two minutes and running 20! It may not be fast, or graceful, but I’m running.  I’m pretty sure I look like this...

I started the program to try to keep up with the hubs.  He’s one of those people who just throws on his shoes, runs 7km in 35 minutes, comes home and is completely fine.  Me? Not so much.  But I’m getting better. 

To keep myself motivated and give me something to work towards, I am registering in the UBC Run for Rural Medicine – 2012 at Jericho Beach Park, Vancouver, BC on Saturday, March 24, 2012.  I figure it’s a nice, semi-flat 10km run, I should be able to do it, right?
What does a girl need to run? Inspiration! I have tried to download a bunch of uplifting, upbeat songs to help push me along when I’m heading up a hill, or getting to the end of a long running interval. But you know what the best songs are? Lame, heavy bass top 40 songs! Oh, and most of the songs from the soundtrack to GLEE....



So for now, I guess I’ll keep on, keeping on...


  1. You should run like this!



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