Friday, 17 February 2012

Progress! But still a LONG way to go...

Finally!  Progress! After spending a couple of hours last week planning out the furniture I have and the vast amount of stuff I have to organize, I set out on my journey.  I set up the girls in the room next to me with a dollhouse and all of their little Strawberry Shortcake dolls and got to it. Then I stopped, and did the rational thing.  Called in reinforcements.  My good friend and home stager Krista came over to help me figure out where best to put the shelving and the paper rack and the large non-furniture items.  We also went through and purged two big boxes of books, and found a bunch of old photos and letters and momentos from when Brett and I started dating, 18 long years ago!  Wow, we looked Y O U N G!

So, after moving the filing cabinet and empty rubbermaid containers out of the space, it left me with some more space to move things around.  I moved the dvd shelves from one wall to another, took the large, wooden armoire out (it's being repurposed to another house). I also plan to move Brett's and my keepsake container filled with childhood momentos we can't bear to part with but don't have on display in the house.

Then out came the pen and paper.  I drew out the basic dimensions of the space, and also drew out all of the storage pieces that I had on hand.  After bringing a piece up from the garage and using it as a base for the Jetmax (from Michaels) scrapbook storage and the large paper rack, I got the momentum moving! I moved the large bookshelf into the corner.  This shelving is where I plan to store my completed scrapbooks (currently stored in our tv unit downstairs).  I also want to use the space on these shelves to store my other craft gear - paints, stickers, punches, ribbon, cricut, and party supplies. 

Hopefully this weekend will give me another couple of hours to work on the space while the kids are at a birthday party.  Maybe next week there will be containers filled with craft supplies, nicely organized on clean, clear shelves with pretty labels....

I'm linking my progress up on Org Junkie's 29 Day Organizing Challenge Progress Link Up 


  1. Lots of stuff to organize. I'm facing the same interminable piles of stuff, it seems.

  2. come to my house when you are done. lol



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