Monday, 2 September 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Sept 2, 2013

Hello my friends! I hope you all have enjoyed your summer vacation, I know we certainly have enjoyed ours! School starts tomorrow, and with school comes the back-to-reality grind of life. One thing we do in our house to make life a little easier is menu planning. The hubs and I sit down together at the beginning of the month and make a menu plan for the month ahead.

We have been menu planning for about a year and it's been amazing. Not only do we always know what the plan is for dinner, but having a plan keeps our food budget in check and means that we aren't constantly running around after school trying to find something to eat.
Another menu planning tip that we find really helpful in our house is to have a stockpile of ready-made freezer meals all ready to go. We have a pretty jam-packed schedule during the week so having some meals that just need to be popped in the oven makes life so much easier.

On The Menu This Week:

Monday : Pasta Alfredo with Chicken

Tuesday: BBQ chicken breasts, baked potatoes and grilled summer veggies

Wednesday: Lasagne Wednesday (it's back!!)

Thursday : Perogies and sausage

Friday: Brinner! Breakfast for dinner!

Saturday: Dinner out! The girls and I are heading to Seattle for the day!

Sunday: Turkey burgers and fries

Thanks so much for stopping by today! If you would like to check out some amazing recipes and menu plans, check out Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

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