Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to School!!

Back. To. School. I can't believe summer vacation is over and we are back to school, dance, swimming lessons and everything else that comes with September.


Another thing I can't believe? That my firstborn ginger baby, Miss A, is all grown up and starting grade two! She has grown so much this summer and I couldn't be prouder of my seven year old! Here she is all dressed up and ready for her first day of school. School only lasted an hour today (? no idea why!!) but we got all dolled up for the first day nonetheless!

Miss E starts preschool tomorrow! One more year and my baby girl will be in kindergarten. This year she gets to spend learning and playing and making a million memories with the most amazing preschool teacher, Miss Leona. She was Miss A's preschool teacher and Miss E can't wait for school to start tomorrow. 

I thought I would have a whole bunch of organizing posts and how to be ready for back to school posts, but instead we played and partied right to the very very end of summer vacation. I think we'll have to work on some fall projects to share with you all.

Hope you all had a great first day of school!! More later this week,

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