Thursday, 23 August 2012

Unplugged - August Hiatus

Can you believe summer is almost over?!? I promised myself that while I was on vacation that I would try to “unplug” from online life and spend more time being present with my family. 
Aside from the post about Miss A’s 6th birthday, I did not even turn on my laptop the whole time I was on vacation!
Uncle Robert with my Mom :)
We had some wonderful family visitors from across the pond – My uncle Robert and cousin Ciara came to visit from England for three weeks.

We went to the waterslides, to the beach, to the water park, to the trailer,

we watched a movie outside,

ate some home grown veggies,

oh, and there was party in the mix!
Eighteen little girls, 100 cupcakes and a candy buffet!
Miss E got training wheels and a two wheeler to ride around on… Miss A learned to ride her two wheeler without training wheels!

On her last day in Canada, we did a fun photo shoot with cousin Ciara, she’s such a doll, we are going to miss her!!
I’m working on the recipe for some amazing cupcakes I made on my Quest for the Perfect Cupcake, it should be up tomorrow!
I have so many things on my list to do this week, so many blog posts on my list to post, so many photos to edit and add to the blog for the projects we completed in the past few weeks, and a good few easy recipes to put up here too – I’m actually looking forward to September for Back to School, and all of the early bedtimes, routines and normalcy it will bring!

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