Monday, 27 August 2012

Getting Ready for Back to School

As you may know, I am the queen of list making. Sometimes I make lists of the lists that I have so I don’t forget to tick things off the list!
The most gratifying thing for me is using my trusty purple ball point pen to cross off the last item on one of my lists!
Since school starts next week – EEK! This week’s list will be filled with things to be done to finish preparing the kiddos to march off to Grade 1 and Preschool.
On the list this week:
LABEL!! I made some cute little labels for Miss A’s school supplies, at some point this week I need to actually affix them to said school supplies.
SHOES!! I purchased the girls their new school shoes, runners, and inside the classroom shoes, I need to get them organized, tags off, put neatly by the door (and move the 20 pairs of flip flops to the garage to make room!).
BACKPACKS!! Miss A got a new backpack this summer and it is super cute! Once I label the school supplies, add the shoes and the school supplies, she’ll be ready to go! Miss E’s backpack from last year is still in great shape, so she’ll get another year out of that one.
LUNCHES!! I ordered these fancy Rubbermaid Lunch Blox for Miss A’s lunches... now to figure out a list of food’s to put in these containers. At one point last year she was asking me to send her to school with bread and butter sandwiches with cheese on the side. Yup... that’s my kid. It’s crazy.
HAIRCUTS!! Miss E has some crazy curls, so I don’t know if I need to get her lovely locks cut, but Miss A has bangs and they are looking a little crazy, there is definitely a trip to the hair dresser in her future this week!
SCHOOL CLOTHES!! We are SO lucky to have a wonderful family and friends who completely spoiled Miss A with new clothes for her birthday! I don’t have to purchase one item of new school clothes for Miss A. Last week I sorted through her drawers and took out anything that she’s grown out of through the summer – and ended up with two big bags of clothes – some to hold onto for Miss E and some for the donate bin!
Looks like the week ahead will be busy busy busy! Good thing we have the menu all planned out!

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