Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pretty Little Birdhouse

Project day! The girls and I had a wood-working and painting project day! I wanted to make up a sign for our new trailer, and the girls pulled “Make a Birdhouse” from the Summer of Fun Chart. Yesterday we had the perfect weather for those projects!
For the kids birdhouse (that we’ll be hanging in the woods just behind our trailer) I hit up my local Michael’s and found all of their summer wood projects on clearance - I got this baby for $3.65!
I let Miss E pick out the color for the birdhouse (blue acrylic paint from the dollar store) and then found some coordinating sequins in our craft supply bin (also from the dollar store) and put the girls to work.
After a good thick coat of bright blue paint and a good douse of sequins, we hung the birdhouse to dry overnight.
Once everything was all nice and dry, it was time for a thick coat of polyurethane to protect those little blue sequins from the elements.
Here’s a look at the finished product! I’m pretty impressed with my girls, they did a great job! And I’m sure the little birdies will love their new little hideaway.
All done painting!!!

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