Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ten Minute Tidy Part 2!

Ten Minute Tidy!
I took another ten minutes out of my week to fix up another area in the house that was nagging at me for attention.
Next up? Under the bathroom sink. A place where, when left unattended becomes a mess of unfolded towels, half full bottles of shampoo, and near empty cleaning supplies.
After emptying out the space, I grabbed a bag to contain what would be recycled (all of the empty plastic containers, plus the random cardboard boxes that I was using to contain stuff).
Containing all of the like items into a couple of plastic dollar store containers and stacking them neatly back into the space, refolding the towels and putting it all back together took just a little less than 10 minutes!
Why don't you see what you can get done in ten little minutes this week?!

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