Friday, 18 May 2012

Long Weekend Goals

Crazy children, playing a monkey game
This has been a BIG week! I haven’t had a spare minute to blog because I had so much going on this week!
Living Room In Progress!!
First, we finally got the last piece of furniture to complete our living room transformation. We still are likely going to paint, so the final pieces haven’t come together yet, but it’s looking amazing so far!
The weather this week has been fantastic! My girls have been enjoying slurpees and water fights, it’s been so much fun! This weekend a couple of us girls are getting together to help a friend with a big organizing project.
And the biggest news of all! We booked our first kid-free VACATION! We leave for Hawaii Sept 30, which just happens to be the same day that I am registered to run my very first HALF MARATHON!! 
It’s going to be a crazy haul leading up to the race and the vacation, but hopefully the thought of the run, plus the need to wear a bathing suit will keep me focused and determined through the summer!
My goals for the weekend include a long run (10-12 km), trying out a new recipe for pineapple salsa, taking the girls swimming before the rain starts on Sunday (BOOOO!), and taking a crack at cleaning out our garage! OrgJunkie is doing a big garage cleanout challenge, and I think I’d like to join in!
Do you have any big projects you want to tackle this weekend? Remember to try to break the projects down into smaller sections so they don’t seem unmanageable. Set goals, set a timer! Take of breaks – there is nothing worse than being too exhausted to finish a project. 

Finally, REWARD yourself! Once you get through part of the project, have a nice cup of tea and some cookies. Once you are done the project – break open the wine and celebrate! You deserve it!

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