Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Set the Timer!

Who doesn’t have ten minutes to spare through the day? Maybe ten minutes a couple of days a week? I know my schedule seems crazy to me, but there still has to be a way to squeeze ten minutes out of the day a couple of times to make my life less crazy in the long run.

This week I invite you to take three ten minute challenges with me! I will set the timer on my Iphone and when the duck quacks at the end of ten minutes, I will finish up the project and go on my merry way (the duck quacking was our potty training timer...). I often start what should be a small or easy organizing project, just to get sidetracked and turn it into a big project, and an even bigger MESS!

The first challenge will be to spend ten minutes in my walk in closet and see if I can organize it a bit better. Don’t get me wrong, I could spend a day in here and it would still need a lot of work. But I’m hoping that by setting my timer I’ll be able to do a quick evaluation and tidy in my ten minutes.

Next up? Under the bathroom sinks. If I set the timer and tell myself I just need to quickly tidy and organize, I should manage to get the problem zones lined up a little better.

Finally, I’ll spend ten minutes on the unpacked bag problem that has begun to overtake my bedroom. Every time we go somewhere (swimming lessons, away for the weekend) or the kids have a sleepover at Baba’s, the bags come home and inevitably end up in some stage of unpacked-ness on my side of the bedroom. Total pain, and I’m sure a problem that can be fixed up in ten minutes or less.

Do you have a problem you know will only take a few minutes to sort out, but that you have been putting off because you don’t think you have the time?? I bet if you set the timer and got to it, you’d be finished before the duck quacks!

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