Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Simple Living Lesson #2 - Underneath

Welcome to week two of my Simple Living Lessons series. Were you here for week one? The first lesson in the Simple Living: Thirty Days to Less Stuff and More Life series had us explore our vision for simple living. Everyone is going to have a different definition of Simple Living, and it was so helpful to actually map it out for our family.

This week called for an actual challenge! The challenge is called "Underneath." Can you guess what part of my life I had to explore? You got it - my underwear drawer!! The theory is that if the condition of your undergarments is in chaos, then it's likely that the rest of our wardrobe is in chaos too.

I took a look through the knickers and cleared out and uncomfy or ugly pairs. If I haven't worn them in a year, they went out. Same went for the sock drawer. Since I wear flip flops or sandals as often as possible, I really only needed about 10 pairs each of dress and white socks. I tried on all of the bras and bathing suits and donated any that I don't wear regularly.

For "extra credit" I am going through Miss A's and Miss E's socks and undies drawers too - they each have socks and tights that they have grown out of that need to go.
I know that the intention of this week's challenge is to spur us on to examine the rest of our wardrobes, and I'm sure that is a project that I will be undertaking later on in the series.
The last time I cleared out my closet I was hugely successful, but never actually extended the clothing purge to the socks and undies part of the wardrobe collection. Now that I am organized "underneath" my mornings should flow just a little bit easier.

Please check back for next weeks' lesson called "QUIET." Not sure I'll have much success with a challenge called Quiet with two crazy monkeys hopped up on Halloween candy, but I am certainly willing to try!
I am going to tie some of the Simple Living lessons in with another challenge I have put on myself lately - purging 40 bags of stuff from our house in 40 days. Hope you'll check in and see the progress!!

How was your week? Did you map out your Simple Living plan? Will you take some time to organize from "underneath" this week? Good luck!!

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