Friday, 23 January 2015

Our New Year's Resolution - Do For Yourself

Hello my friends! I hope you are all having a fantastic day! In the past few months, since I have gone back to work full time, I have been trying my best to keep our little world running and even though I just keep swimming, I have been feeling like we are just not keeping completely afloat. With the girls in a ton of extra-curricular activities, and grandparents shuttling the littles around to these activities, each week we need to have a whole lot of prep work to survive the chaos.

In order to control the chaos a little bit, our family has made a New Year’s resolution to make my life easier and the teach the girls a little more responsibility. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve coddled my girls too much. I laid out their clothes the night before school, packed their lunches, prepped and packed their backpacks and dance/brownies/sparks/catechism bags… basically spent a ton of time pre-organizing.

Starting the first week back to school, I made a few little signs to help guide my girls into completing their tasks each morning. I can happily say that for the most part, the girls are being really helpful!! It still takes reminders each day to think about what activities are happening the next day, and what they need to think about packing.

After spending a little time reorganizing my snack and baking cupboard, putting the lunchtime and after school snacks at little people level I hung a “what to pack in your lunch” sign next to the hooks where we keep the lunch bags. This way, while the littles are eating breakfast, they can see their lunch bags, and can think about what they want to pack for their lunches.

I'm happy to say that the girls are doing a great job of packing healthy lunches, filled with food they will actually eat.  

This whole organization plan took me about a half an hour to pull together, but has already saved us a ton of time!

What little organizing techniques do you have to make your lives easier?

Thanks for stopping by, I hope I've inspired you a little today!

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