Friday, 22 March 2013

Kitchen Chaos - Week Three Progress!

Week THREE! Progress!! Well, not a lot of progress, but a little progress is better than none, right?? I have been trying to tackle the chaos that is my kitchen bit by bit this month as part of OrgJunkie’s 31 Day Organizing Challenge. The first week I attacked my insane collection of glassware. The second week I went crazy and organized my platters and bowls, dishcloths, pots and pans and Tupperware! It was a little bit insane, but felt really great when it was done.

This week I’ve been working full time because the hubs is home having spring break adventures with the girls. What this means for me is that the three hours of project time I usually have between the littles going to bed and the hubs getting home didn’t happen this week.

I did manage to carve out a few minutes while cooking dinner to get my command centre back in order. You can see my original post on how I created this space here. I put this system in place almost a year ago and it’s been doing pretty well for us. This week I took every piece of paper from the massively accumulating pile and took them into the living room to sort while watching TV. I also took stock of what ends up in this space and made a few small changes.

My girls bring an enormous amount of art home from school and since I have a hard time parting with it, and have a good system for retaining it (which I will share as soon as I finish sorting the art I removed from this space!!) I needed a better way to contain the incoming art.

My local dollar store sometimes carries really really cute organizing items. I found these magazine storage things in my favourite color of the minute – grey! I labelled the container “Incoming Art” and hopefully once the glue and paint have dried and they are finished their rotation on the fridge they can be nicely placed in the Incoming Art space. 

Fifteen minutes later, ta-da!!  All done!

I took another five minutes to sort out our lunch box storage area. I installed some cheapie plastic hooks to the end of my cupboard in the front corner of the kitchen. I have two small hooks that hold Miss A and Miss E’s lunch bags each evening. I also installed a little larger hook to hold my lunch bag, which is a bit heavier.

Being spring break, it is a great time to do a deep cleaning of the girls’ lunch boxes. Some hot water, vinegar and dish soap and a good scrubbing later, the lunch boxes were spick and span and ready for school in another week.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to find the time to tackle the biggest issue in my kitchen – the insane amount of baking supplies and ingredients. OrgJunkie gave me some serious inspiration in this post so I have a starting off point.

Thanks for checking in with my progress. If you like this post you should definitely check out the other people linked up with Org Junkie, there have been some awesome transformations!


  1. You still managed to get some stuff completed! Good for you!!

    It seems most of us, in this challenge, had a challenging week (pun intended) and time was at a premium.

  2. Great progress! I especially like the lunchbox hooks.

  3. Great! Love the lunchboxes as decor :)

  4. This is really looking great! I also like the lunchbox hooks idea. Can't wait to see the final product!



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