Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Eila Grace is Turning Four!!

Oh my, how time flies! Teeny tiny baby Eila is turning four years old today! I remember four years ago, staring out my hospital window as snow lightly fell outside wondering what this little bean was going to be like.

What an amazing little girl she has turned into. She started life with a set of pipes on her like no other baby I had ever known. This girl could SCREAM! We joked that she could break glass with those lungs. One night, when she was two months old, a neighbor came over to see if I needed help with one or both kids. He could hear Eila crying through the closed window from across the street! Little did he know that Aidyn was already asleep and the crying he could hear was just Eila… being Eila.

With her big sister Aidyn helping her along the way and showing her the ropes, our little bean quickly tried to learn everything her big sister could teach her! Although a tiny little girl, who never could seem to get out of the 5th percentile for her weight, what she lacked in pounds, she made up for in words. Oh the words that little girl could come up with!

If we were impressed by her speaking, we were shocked by her singing! Before she turned two, she was singing along with Justin Beiber on the radio. These days she can memorize entire songs and sing them all on her own. I love listening to her sing songs while she colors…. It`s so stinkin` cute. 
Look who turned one!!
Eila turns two!!
Eila turns three!

My girls play so well together. You can hear them singing, dancing and playing mommy and baby together all day long. Eila love to play little mama whenever she gets the chance. She likes to take care of her cousin Belles and show her how to play games and read books. 

Eila is definitely Daddy’s little girl.  This photo is from when she was just a couple of weeks old.  Things haven’t changed much.  You are just as likely to see Eila chilling on the couch watching tv with daddy as you are tucking her dolls into imaginary beds with imaginary teddy bears.

These days, my little bean spends her days being my sidekick. She comes shopping with me, she bakes with me, she cleans the house with me and she gives the best cuddles and hugs in town.
I am so blessed to be able to spend extra time with my little girls as they grow. They make me so proud. They make me laugh and they melt my heart every single day.

p.s.  lots of the awesome photos used in this post were taken by the fantastic Alana Joy Photography.  Check her out, she's amazing!!

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