Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer Schedule

Well, a week into summer vacation and the girls and I are loving the warm weather that is finally upon us! I sure hope the sunshine sticks around for a while; we’ve been drowning in rain for far too long.
I think it’s really important for my girls to have a schedule in the summer. Even though most of their days are spent playing outside or doing activities from the Summer of Fun Chart, we still need to make time for chores and school work.
Miss A will be going into Grade One this September, and even though summer flashes by in a minute, I know my girl and I know that if she doesn’t practice her school skills, it’ll be a learning curve getting back into the school groove this fall.
I picked up a couple of “bridge” books for the transition from Kindergarten to Grade One. We are going to keep one here at our house in the homework basket, and send the other one to my mom’s for the days when the girls are over there.

For chores, my girls are still quite little, so the chores on their chore list are pretty simple. Both girls have to make their beds in the morning (Miss E gets a little help, but she needs to participate), they need to set the table before meals, clear the dirty dishes after and help clean up crafting and playtime messes.

So the girls have some structure, I’ve put together a Summer Schedule so the girls know what is coming up for the day. I’ve made sure to allow for some TV time, though with the beautiful weather coming our way, hopefully most of the days will be spent outside adventuring and exploring!
Here is a look at our summer schedule. As you can see there is lots of time for crafts and outdoor play, but also some quiet time, and time for reading books.
Check in this weekend when I show you a great idea I found on Pinterest to make the girls more excited about doing their chores!

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  1. Any way you'd be willing to send me the document form of your summer schedule? I like it! Thanks.



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