Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Father's Day Presents

I know it’s a little late, and perhaps it would have been helpful if I had posted these BEFORE Sunday, but life gets busy! I wanted to put together a post of the crafty things we made for the hubs for Father’s Day. He is such a wonderful husband and daddy, he deserves all the presents in the world!!
Here's a photo of my dad and I.  He's the bestest!
Both the kids made gifts for dad at school – Miss E put together a coupon book for Daddy with vouchers for hugs, car washes and breakfast in bed. Miss A’s teacher took a cute pic of each of the kids on the playground and they made picture frames from blue-painted tongue depressors with magnets attached to the back.
I also wanted to put together a gift that we could do again in the future to show how much the girls have changed. I scoured my favourite sources (mainly Pinterest) to find interview questions to ask the girls where they would have to answer in their own words.
After picking a few questions from a few sites, here are some of the questions we used:
My favourite thing to do with Daddy is...
My favourite book to read with Daddy is...
My favourite thing about my dad is...
Miss E's answers
  I love the honesty of children! Miss E said her daddy is four years old and he likes to wear pyjamas! 
Miss A's answers
Miss A said that her Daddy’s face is orangey and round, and if Daddy could go on a trip, he would go to China and would bring our whole family. Hmmm.... I’m not so sure about some of those answers!!
I got Miss A to fill hers out in her own handwriting (you’ll notice it’s barely legible, but I’m her Mama, I can decipher it!). I filled out Miss E’s using her answers – she’s only three!
I finished both of the interviews off with the line: This is the hand I used to hold you with when I was ... years old. I traced each little girls hand onto the sheet.
We also spent an evening at my brother’s house last week and using fabric paint, dipped the girls hands into paint and transferred them onto a grey tshirt. It turned out so cute! 
We did a similar one for my dad with the little tiny hands of all three of his granddaughters. Miss E’s is the orange hand that kind of looks like a turkey – don’t ask me how that happened!?
Here's a pic of the three dad's together - my little brother and husband and dad, all in a row.
And the three little girls that made that celebrated Father's Day with their daddy's.
Hope you all had a fantastic Father's Day too!  Until next year, when I promise to post the craft ideas before the holiday!!

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