Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Spring Mantle - Go Canucks Go!

Hi Everyone!! Today begins a big week in our house, in our town, province and country. Playoff hockey begins this week, and specifically for our house, Canucks playoff hockey starts tonight!

After taking down my Easter mantle, I promised my friend Krista that I would not put up another "theme" mantle until at least fall or Christmas.... yeah, that didn't happen!

Our playoff hockey display is filled with our favorite Canucks memorabilia. We have our Christmas nutcracker that comes out at Christmas and in late spring, some repurposed car flags and a teeny tiny Canucks emblazoned Stanley Cup (free from a case of beer years ago).

Front and centre in our display are some family heirlooms. My husband's Auntie Trudy and Uncle Harry were BIG time sports fans and loved Canucks hockey. When Auntie Trudy passed away, Brett brought home this vintage 1970's Canucks beer stein and a tiny little Canucks ring. Auntie Trudy must have had tiny finger, because this is one tiny little ring.

My girls, dressed head to toe in their Canucks tshirts, hoodies, and socks helped me decorate the mantle. Miss A let me use her blue and green beaded necklaces, we used the hubs' hats, and a headband that Miss A made in preschool. We also have a commemorative banner from when my favorite Canuck, Trevor Linden retired. 

Although I am sure some of my husbands friends would say differently, I know that nothing I do will affect how my favorite team plays, but any little bit of positivity has to help their chances, right??

Thanks for stopping by today. Oh, and GO CANUCKS GO!!!

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