Monday, 3 September 2012

Organized School-time Snacks!

In our kitchen we have a large wooden pantry that contains most of the dry foods we use in our kitchen, like our pasta, jarred sauces, cereal, and of course, our snacks!
I try to keep all of the snacks that we use for school lunches and after school snacks corralled together in one big bin that everyone can access. The girls know what snacks are “freebies” (as opposed to the snacks they need permission to eat, like cookies or candy!), and Daddy and I have healthy, easy snacks at our fingertips.
With summer coming to an end, it’s definitely time to clear out the less-healthy snacks and replenish the healthy lunchtime, school approved snacks! I’ll put the treat snacks into the “candy” container.
Here’s the “before” for this part of the pantry... lollipops??  Jolly Ranchers?? Reese Peanut Butter Cups?? Definitely not preschool and grade one approved snacks!!
And the “After”! All tidied up and ready to pack lunches.

I also grabbed a plastic container to make a lunch stations inside the fridge filled with yogurt tubes, cheese strings, Babybel cheeses and baby carrots (for Miss E’s preschool snack – we all know Miss A won’t go near a vegetable!).
Phew! A couple more things have been marked off my list, too bad the list is still L-O-N-G!!
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