Thursday, 1 January 2015

Dollar Store Art Hack

Hello my friends and Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a safe and fun evening last night. My evening consisted of a Homeland binge watching session and some sparkling wine with the hubs at midnight. A perfect evening as far as I am concerned!

Today I'm sharing with you a dollar store hack that I used to make Christmas presents for my littles. Miss A has been asking to update her bedroom for a few months now. Originally she asked to paint the lower portion of her room green like grass in a field, and the top part of the room blue like the sky, paint a fence and put pictures of horses all over the walls.

That tall order was not going to happen (not right now anyway) but I wanted to bring some horse themed artwork into her room. Rather than shell out big bucks for artwork at Home Sense or Target, I thought I could find a way to do it for cheap. So, off to my favorite store these days - Dollarama!! I picked up a horse calendar and some photo frames and got to work!All in I spent $13 to make four art pieces for my littles; 4 frames at $3 each and a buckeroo for the calendar.

Once I took the stock photo out of the frames, and the matting out, I was able to "frame" out which calendar pages would work out best for my project. I lucked out and found that more than half of the calendar pages would have worked! I picked out the ones I thought the girls would like best (especially since Miss A asked for a real horse that's brown with white spots for Christmas!) and using scotch tape affixed the calendar pages to the matting.

I also put together one other art piece for Miss A that wasn't horse related. Since she isn't exactly a morning person (like at all) I wanted to find a fun quote about being happy. I scoured Pinterest and found this quote that reads "Today is the perfect day to be happy" - it was an ad for a Color Run, and I just cropped the runners out of the bottom of the picture, resized it to fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 page and printed it on cardstock.

Here are some photos of how the prints look in the girls rooms. Pardon the horrendous lighting, I took the pics at night and the chandeliers in the girls room aren't exactly the best sources of light for photos!

Notice anything in this one? My assistant Miss E snuggled herself into the bed disguised as a stuffy. And yes, she actually sleeps with all of those "babies" on her bed each night!

I decided to put the Happy quote on Miss A's wall right at the end of her bed so that when she wakes up for her compulsory 12 minutes of stretching each morning, it'll be the first thing she sees! Here's hoping it works!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my dollar store artwork - maybe it'll inspire you to put some fun pictures up in your house!

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