Wednesday 27 February 2013

LalaLoopsy Birthday Party!

Can you believe it? My little baby bean turned four this week! When asked what theme she would like for her party, she picked her favourite toy of the minute – Lalaloopsy dolls! Over the past year my girls have amassed a fairly large collection of these adorable dollies.
For those of you outside the little girl loop, these super cute dolls is created with a fictional theme, reflecting the day she is born, the fabric she is sewn from, and her pet. 
Google was my friend when designing Miss E's birthday party invitations.  I found a Lalaloopsy image and put the party details into a text box.  I printed out the invite, used double sided tape to attach the invite to cardstock and then glued on some buttons to liven them up a little.
After scouring Pinterest for some ideas, I got straight to work! I used dessert plates, black cardstock and a circle punch and created buttons. I tied them together into a row and used them as the backdrop for the party. 
I created Happy Birthday Eila labels for the water bottles and juice containers, to add a little cute factor to the food and drink table.  We went simple with the food, just fruits, veggies and the kids favorites - cheetos and popcorn twists!
The first day we started planning the party, Miss E picked out her cake. It was super easy to put together. We made this chocolate cake and made marshmallow fondant. I ordered a button candy mold to make the decorative buttons on the sides, and popped a few Mini Lalaloopsies on top of the cake.

I used a button lollipop mold to make these yummy bites for the kids to take home after the party.

A quick and easy Happy Birthday bunting came together with Valentine hearts and printed letters, and printed out pictures of the Lalaloopsy dolls taped to some craft twine became our party decorations.

Check out this cutie playing a fun game of pin the crown on Jewel Sparkles.
 Since the Lalaloopsy dolls slogan is “Sew Magical” I created a gift tag to put on the outside of the goody bags thanking Miss E’s friends “SEW” much for coming to her party. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the goody bags.  They were pretty easy to put together.  Candy, candy and more candy filled the bags!!

The kids played games, and did crafts, and had a LOT of sugar and a great time! It looks like this sweet little girl had a really great party!! 

Thanks so much for stopping by to read today. 

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  1. AGHHH I am throwing my niece a lalaloopsy bday bash and I LOVE the game! Pin the crown!! Deff going to do something similar!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  2. This is super cute! Wow! You put in A LOT of work. I am researching the dolls for my stepdaughter for Christmas. Can you tell me the name of the doll in the second picture from the top?

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by to read. The second doll from the top is Mango Tiki Wiki. She also has a little sister named Kiwi Tiki Wiki :)



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