Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Simple Living Lesson #4 - Surface

PHEW! This week's challenge was T-O-U-G-H!!! As I mentioned in last week's recap for the failed week three lesson called Quiet, the simple living lesson for this week involved clearing off everything from my kitchen counters. EVERYTHING.
If you like, you can catch up here: Lessons 1, 2, and 3.
I am happy to say that for the most part, I try to keep my kitchen counters pretty clear (except when baking, then it's all chaos). However, there are two areas where clutter, especially paper clutter have overtaken.
Area #1, my kitchen command centre. This is a space where I am supposed to organize our family schedule, store office supplies and coupons and keep two cookbooks. YEAH RIGHT!! It has turned into the place where all things paper live.
We also had a space on top of the hutch in the kitchen that was supposed to be the "Homework Station." It ended up being a place where little bits and bobs get contained, all manner of school supplies and art supplies get thrown and basically clutter lives. It drives me bananas.
I got to work, trying to tame the paper, trying to throw out everything I could. I recycled a LOT of paper and magazines and newsletters and kids artwork. It was cathartic! I had no problem letting things go!
I even put my little sidekick to work, putting away things into the cupboards on top of the fridge that this mama can't reach - Mom of the Year, I know...
At the end of the night (yes, it was well past dark when I finished the job!!) our command centre was back to it's organized glory, the homework basket had a new home (more about that in another post to come!) and the kitchen was CLEAN!
And how did the week go? I'm sure it helped that I was away for three days Christmas shopping, but my kitchen looks pretty much like it did after the initial hiding of "stuff."
I didn't remove the toaster, coffee pot or my Kitchenaid mixer from the counters last week, but put everything else away. The only thing that came back to live on the counter after the surface experiment was the kettle. Since we use the kettle at least twice a day, I think it's a worthwhile item to keep out. I just wish it were prettier!

Next week's Simple Living Lesson is entitled "Incoming." Check in next week to see how things work out!

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  1. Nice work. I'm going to give it a go! I can clear the surfaces, but how long will it last. I can bet til the end of the day when R gets home! Will let you know!



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