Thursday 29 November 2012

Gift Wrap Storage and Organization

Who is ready for Christmas?!? I can honestly say that I am! I may not have every last card written or every last cookie baked, but I have the toughest task of all completed.  Yup! With the exception of a few odds and ends and a few little stocking stuffers, I am FINISHED Christmas shopping!
Last week the hubs put up the Christmas lights outside and I assembled the tree and then together we decoarted with our favorite family ornaments.
Now it's time for the fun part - wrapping! Before I get started, I like to make sure I have all of the right tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently - especially because I have to wrap while tiny little prying eyes could peek around the corner!

To organize all of the gear needed for wrapping, I use a big under-the-bed bin and fill it with little boxes and baskets to help sort out the supplies. This way, I can grab one big bin and take it whereever in the house I will be wrapping.

Then comes the supplies:

Gift Wrap:  I start each wrapping season with a giant roll of double sided wrapping paper from Costco. They cost about $10, and are great quality, really thick paper. They also come in really cute patterns. I use the giant roll to wrap all of the gifts we buy for family and friends. I also pick up two smaller rolls of coordinating paper in other colors to wrap Miss A and Miss E's gifts. Rather than label them, each child gets their gifts wrapped in a specific paper, so they are easier to identify during the chaos of Christmas morning!
Boxes and Tissue Paper:  I keep some dollar store gift boxes that I wrap in my pretty paper for wrapping clothing and odd-shaped items, as well as tissue paper for filling in the space in the boxes.

Adhesives and Ribbon: Gather up some peel and stick gift labels (I get mine at Dollarama) and a whole bunch of scotch tape (don't want to run out halfway through wrapping). I also pick up some curling ribbon from the dollar store to hold multiple gifts together.

Cards: I keep a supply of regular gift tags and card in the wrapping bin. I use this setup year round, so there is a selection of blank and regular greeting cards, organized by occasion in one of the boxes in the big bin. I keep a couple of pens in the bin for card writing too!
Cutter: The most important tool in the entire wrapping paper bin is this little beauty. It is a magical wrapping paper cutter. There is a little blade inside the do-hickey that cuts the paper perfectly and makes the whole process so much quicker!
Well there you have it, my gift wrap organization and the tools needed for quick, pretty gift wrapping. Now if you haven't started your shopping, hop to it!!

I will hopefully be linking this recipe up to A Bowl Full of Lemons, Delightful Order, Doodles and Stitches and Joyful Homemaking


  1. I need some organization like this for my gift wrapping supplies. You've inspired me :) Thanks for linking up at Doodles & Stitches :)

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