Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Keeping up with the Gingers, 2016 edition!!

Hello my friends!! I hope you all have been keeping well!!  Over in our house we have been busy busy busy, so I haven’t been able to check in for a while. I have so many things to post about that I hardly know where to start!!

Over the Christmas break, my husband sat down with the girls and I and brought us up to speed on Star Wars. Although he was an expert on the whole series, the girls and I had never seen any of the movies. Over the week of Christmas holidays we watched all six of the old Star Wars movies and then got all dressed up in Star Wars tshirts (yes, even me!) and went to see the latest release: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Last month we traveled to Disneyland with another family (my lovely friend Alana from Alana Joy Photography) and had an absolute blast!! This is the second time we have made this trip and the combination of the littles being big enough to ride all the rides and the plethora of Star Wars paraphernalia in the park made this an awesome trip!

Last week my lovely Irish lasses danced their hearts out for St Patrick’s Day! They danced nine shows over two days and delighted everyone in the senior’s communities where they danced! They had a great time, and although totally exhausted at the end of it, happily came to the pub for dinner to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

This week coming up we are celebrating Easter with our families. I’m working on a fun scavenger hunt for the girls this year! Usually we just “hide” eggs around the house and the girls run madly to find them… but this year I’m feeling ambitious! With help from my trusty friend Pinterest I have found some fun clues for the girls to follow to find all of their Easter treats!! I’ll hopefully be back later this week with a post on the clue ideas!!

Hope you all have been keeping well! Thanks for stopping by today, you guys are the best!!

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