Thursday, 12 September 2013

Fun, Practical Bridal Shower Gift

Hello my friends! I hope you all are enjoying the same sunshiney day we are having! I am here to share with you a fun gift I put together for my lovely cousin Kristin for her bridal shower this weekend. I love to give (and receive - hint, hint!!) practical gifts. This little gem definitely fits into that category.

After perusing my favorite idea site (Pinterest, of course) I found a cute way to package up household necessities and tie them all together with a poem. After following the pins to, I used the poem she had on the site and modified it a little bit to allow for Canadian products.

Here are all of the supplies I used to put together the present:
  • Dawn dishsoap
  • Joy dishsoap
  • Brawny paper towel (couldn't actually find this in Canada)
  • Mr Clean
  • Shout stain remover
  • SOS scrubbing pads
  • Easy off oven cleaner
  • Tide laundry soap
  • Dial soap
  • Bounce dryer sheets
  • Fantastik cleaner
  • Zest soap
  • Pledge furniture polish
  • Snuggle dryer sheets
  • A Squeegee

I picked up a few little odds and ends to fill the basket, like air fresheners and sponges and tied it up pretty with clear cello wrap, ribbons and bows.

The poem goes as follows (thanks for the great idea!!):

As we gather with you to celebrate the DAWN of a new era.  Marriage is a journey.
Some days will be filled with pure JOY, but let’s take a moment to talk about the others.
There may come a time when you realize your big BRAWNY guy isn’t necessarily

When this and other little glitches occur, don’t SHOUT or send up an SOS.
Go EASY on him.

Hopefully the TIDE will change quickly, just DIAL back the anger and things will BOUNCE back to normal.
 We think you and _______ are a FANTASTIK couple with a ZEST for life and a sincere appreciation for each other.
We fully support you as you and ________PLEDGE to spend your lives as one.
We wish you all the best including love, happiness, lots of SQUEEGEES and time to SNUGGLE.

Here is a photo of me with my beautiful cousin, Kristin! She's going to make a lovely bride in a few weeks! Thanks for stopping by today, I really appreciate it!

Linking to Joyful Homemaking, Not Just a Housewife and A Bowl Full of Lemons.


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  4. I am making this for my friends shower tomorrow <3

    1. What did you make the poem on??? Cardstock?
      I need help, please email me at

  5. Love this idea! But because I'm on a tight budget think I'll have each guest that can or wants to, to bring an item from the list, as we read the poem to her we can place the items in the basket!



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