Monday, 13 August 2012

Custom Water Bottle Labels

This week is party prep week in our house! Miss A is turning SIX years old on Thursday, and she has requested a Hello Kitty Cupcake Decorating party for herself and 15 little friends.
Along with the variety of flavours of cupcakes that I need to find time to bake this week, and the five crazy bright colours of icing that have been requested by Miss A, there is also a big, bland clubhouse to decorate.
We started our first party decorations project on Sunday, while watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics as a family. While the hubs controlled the remote, the girls and I got to work making custom labels for the water bottles to be served at the party!
First things first, buy a flat of bottled water and find a helpful assistant. 
Have helpful assistant remove the labels from the bottles. It's alright if the gluey stuff stays on the bottle, it's actually helpful for lining up the labels later.
Next up are the labels - super easy! I removed a label from one of the bottles, measured the dimensions and then created a table in Microsoft word where the label dimensions were the size of the table cells. I found a pretty pink damask design on google image, used it as the background and then added the 6th Birthday info to the front using a text box.
I cut out the labels and passed them to my lovely assistant to line up around the side of the bottle. I used a little strip of scotch tape to seal the paper around the edge of the bottle. Then I did it again. And again. And again.

I think they turned out pretty cute! 
What do you think?
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